Fundraising for Non-Profit Group

Raise money for your non profit group while enjoying your favorite spa services!

Are you part of a non profit organization and looking for a way to increase your fundraising efforts? Simply coordinate an event day with us and invite your friends, family, neighbors and associates to come enjoy a service at Le Nu Spa. We’ll donate 25% of total group sales to your non profit of choice!

Le Nu Spa will be glad to accommodate your group on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance from the date you plan to have your event. We will also provide you with an event flyer to reproduce and share. *Flyers must be presented to receive 10% discount on service and credit for the group.*
Increase Your Donation Amount with Gift Card Sales!

Sell Le Nu Spa gift cards valuing $20, $50 or $100 and recoup 35% of the profits for your non profit. Discounts may be given at the discretion of group members on the price of a gift card, but will have effect on donations gained, (Example: Give buyer 10% off and keep 25% of sale for the group).

Perfect For: school organizations, youth groups, PTA groups, church groups, sporting groups and more!

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