7 Days to Radiant Skin Program

Le Nu Spa is proudly presenting the 7 Days to Radiant Skin program which

1. One hour Atomy Deep Cleansing Facial ($90)

The Atomy Deep Cleansing Facial is an excellent facial for the summer to remove the impurities,  exfoliate the dead skin cells and prepare for better absorption of nutrients. It also minimizes the pores, firms and calm the skin.

2. A take home 7 Days to Radiant Skin products (travel size $32)

Do the following steps every night:

  • 1. Removes makeup and cleans pores with Atomy Deep Cleanser
  • 2. Removes the impurities with rich lather Atomy Foam Cleanser.
  • 3. Cleansing using LumiSpa (optional). Ask for 7 days rental.
  • 4. Exfoliates and prepares skin for better absorption. Apply a nickel size N’ViVe
    Face Wash Exfoliation around face, avoid contact with eyes and massage gently for about a minute, concentrate on the blackheads and whiteheads area until it totally absorbed. Then apply a quarter size Atomy Peeling Gel. Spread the gel on the face and wait for 2-3 mins, and then rub gently. Bead like substances will form as you rub to remove the dead skin cells. Wash out with warm water.
  • 5.
    1. Day 1: Minimizes pores giving skin the appearance of elasticity and firmness with Atomy Peel-off Mask.
    2. Day 7: Brightening and firming with Atomy 7 Solutions Gel Mask.
  • 6. Rewash your face with Le Nu Spa Kojic Soap
  • 7. Continue with your Le Nu Spa skin care regimen.


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Best Spas in Cary
Best Spas in Cary
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Best Spas in Cary
Best Spas in Cary

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