A Modern History of German Criminal Law

“Overall, the volume effectively goes beyond offering a one-dimensional legal history of modern Germany. Rather, the essays deal with the history of crime, criminal law, and criminal justice as an opportunity to reflect on the broader social, cultural, and political issues facing Germany in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. · · Greg Eghigian, Penn State University The history of criminal justice in modern Germany has become a living field of research, as this volume shows. After an introductory overview, the twelve chapters shed light on important topics in the history of criminal and penal law, from Imperial Germany to Weimar and from the Nazi periods to the early post-war years. These topics include case studies of criminal trials, the development of juvenile justice and efforts to reform the penal code, criminal procedures and the penitentiary system. The collection also shows that the history of criminal justice has much to contribute to other areas of historical research: it explores the evolution of the relationship between criminal justice and psychiatry and social welfare, analyzes representations of crime and criminal justice in the media and literature, and sheds light on German social history through the prism of criminal justice. The history of gender and the history of sexuality. “The history of criminal justice in modern Germany has become a living field of historical research. The chapters of Crime and Criminal Justice in Modern Germany not only lay the foundation for the transmission of a history of crime and criminal justice from the German Empire in the early post-war period, but also show that research on the history of criminal law can make important contributions to other areas of historical research. SirReadaLot First book on the global English-speaking market that deals in detail with the modern history of German criminal law Written by one of the leading historians of German law and edited by a leading specialist in comparative criminal law in Britain, particularly with regard to German law, it offers a comprehensive introduction to German criminal law and procedures as well as the publisher`s books on German criminal law and procedures Criminal justice for an English-speaking audience. significant contributions.

Carefully researched in primary sources, mostly archival, they are also based on a thorough knowledge of the latest writings of other scientists. Together, the trials are intended to interest a wide range of researchers whose concerns include modern Germany, criminal justice, or both. Andrew Lees, Rutgers University BIC:HBLW History of the 20th century: c 1900 to c 2000; LAZ Legal History “This collection of essays, which brings together more than a dozen of the leading historians of crime and criminal justice in Germany from the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom, represents a surprisingly important contribution to one of the most dynamic areas of German history today. Deeply scientific, comprehensively included in recent and older secondary articles, but firmly rooted in empirical research, the essays in this volume provide an indispensable introduction to the field for researchers and students new to the field, while stimulating the interpretive orientation of scientists already working in the field. · · Kenneth Ledford, Case Western Reserve University Chapter 12. Repressive Rehabilitation: Crime, Morality and Delinquency in Berlin-Brandenburg, 1945-1958 Jennifer V. Evans Chapter 8. Class, Youth and Sexuality in the Construction of the Lustmörder: Karl Hussmann`s 1928 Murder Trial Eva Bischoff and Daniel Siemens Crime and Criminal Justice in Modern Germany Edited by Richard F. Wetzell is open access under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) available with non-integrated knowledge support. Sign up for our email newsletter to receive personalized updates on Berghahn`s new publications.

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