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Colette Le – Owner/VP of Marketing/Esthetician

Colette earned her bachelor Summa Cum Laude from Holy Names University class of ’80, in Chemistry and Mathematics. She started her career as a Weather Scientist and later proceeded to Real Estate investor and Wellness professional.

As a niece of Master Vu Ba Oai, a Shaolin Kung Fu Master in Vietnam, she was exposed to Medical QiGong at an early age. Her passion is helping others at finding ways to prevent illness and healing themselves through QiGong exercise and supplementation. Colette’s goal is to fulfill her dad’s dream of building a Four Seasons Senior Community Park to connect the younger generation with the elderly. This park will provide the living space for the seniors, adult daycare, recreation and multi culture activities. All the profits from her spa business will go towards building the Four Seasons Senior Community Park, financial support for her employees to start their own business and for charities. Colette is a true believer in Nu Skin products. Suffering from adult acne and skin discoloration, 180 Anti-Aging System, ageLOC Transformation, ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra, and Galvanic Spa changed her life. This is the reason why Colette opened the spa business to help teenagers and adults who suffer from acne and clients with skin discoloration and aging problems. Now with her own Le Nu Spa line products, she would be able to keep the cost down and better serve her clients. Working with Minnie her Pomeranian therapist dog, Colette offers services to help the elderly through her mobile spa business and also volunteers to teach QiGong exercise class at her shops and the Senior Community center.


Stephanie Abernathy – Spa Manager

Stephanie comes to us from Fuquay Varina and lives in the area with her family. Stephanie enjoys being a mom to there girls as well as baking delicious treats on the side. Stephanie is knowledgeable of our Nu Skin products and always eager to answer any questions you may have. She has a pleasant attitude and a warm smile to welcome you into the spa.


Julie Homlaor – Senior Hair Stylist

Julie has more than 40 years experience as a hair stylist. She had passion about hair since she was 10 years old, she left her home and followed the hair master to learn more about the beauty industry. She was so short so she had to stand on the stool to wash client’s hair and enjoyed every moments of her carrier. She took pride on her works and love to do hightlights, keratin treatments, coloring and design her clients hair style. We invite you to come try her service and you would be amazed with the result.


Michael Johnson – Massage Therapist

Michael believes in the body’s ability to heal itself. By incorporating stretching, soft glide, movement, kneading and/or compression he will provide a restorative and therapeutic treatment that aids the body’s natural healing process.

He is a graduate of Wake Technical Community College, trained in multiple modalities of massage and whether using Cupping, Hot Stone, Lomi Lomi, Trigger Point, or your more typical Swedish or Deep Tissue or a combination thereof, Michael’s ability to move energy, soften stubborn muscles and promote a careful balance of mind, body, movement and breath will leave you feeling connected and relaxed. He is also certified in Scar Management.


Devon Mitchell – Massage Therapist

Devon is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork therapist, yogini, playground connoisseur, essential oil enthusiast, and a devoted wife and Mommy. Her deep love and experiences with teaching yoga have influenced her massage practice which is grounded in kindness, bodily awareness, and her desire to heal the world-one body at a time. Using this holistic approach, she encourages each client toward energetic and physical wellness with a firm and nurturing touch.Devon invites you to schedule any massage or body treatment with her, but specifically enjoys working with essential oils, hot stones, and prenatal and postpartum Moms.


Jolie Zhou – Healing Massage Therapist

Jolie Zhou is a Dr. of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). an integral part of the healing system of Eastern medicine which was developed in China more than 2,000 years’ ago, incorporating that are in some cases millennia older. One of its guiding principles is to “dispel evil and support the good.” In addition to treating illness, Jolie’s drugs free treatments focuses on strengthening the body’s defenses and enhancing its capacity for healing and to maintain health by performing Chinese Traditional Medical Massage : Tuina, Acupressure, Cupping Therapy, hot stone meridians massage, Guasha, Moxibustion with herbal massage oil prepared by Joile.

Sickness, is the body losing balance. Jolie will assist you in building your functional body to keep your body in balance.

As a professional therapist , Jolie Zhou had been studied Traditional Chinese Medical Massage modalities since she was a teenager, She understands that the human body interacts with all aspects of life and the environment, including the seasons, weather, time of day, our diet and emotional states. Jolie sees the key to health as the harmonious and balanced functioning of body, mind and spirit, and holds that the balance of health depends on the unobstructed flow of qi (pronounced chee) or “life energy” through the body, along pathways known as meridians. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners see disease’ as the result of disruptions in the circulation of qi.

Jolie will assess your health level via palpations, with her abilitiy to modify the flow of qi is because qi itself – if it exists – cannot be directly measured, or even detected, through any known means. This has led some in the West to ascribe TCM’s successes to a biochemical mechanism, such as stimulating endorphin production via acupressure, Tuina, to reduce pain. Treatments results have shown that stimulating endorphin release in the tissues. work via influencing th receptors of adenosine, a molecule considered by biologists to be life’s “energy currency”.
TCM techniques include Acupressure, Tuina, Cupping Therapy, Hot Stone Meridians Massage and assist with detoxification, regulating body systems, drug-free pain relief, chronic and degenerative conditions such as arthritis and age-related diseases. Jolie also do Cellulite Cupping Massage to cure cellulite and spider veins.

Jolie believes that her job is to activate the natural medicine in the body to boost natural immunity, increase energy and relieve pain.
Dec.15th 2016 ,The mile stone, North Carolina State Board held the special meeting and proved Jolie’s natural healing treatment modality: Chinese Traditional Medical modality: Guasha. Posted on the state board news.


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