Belly Flab Burner System

We are proud to offer a new and improved fat loss system designed specifically with women in mind. This 12 week program combines the science of hormonal restoration with the effective simplicity of TR90.

If you have tried to lose weight before without much success, then you are probably suffering from a condition known as leptin resistance. This program seeks to restore leptin sensitivity and address the root causes of weight gain through 4 pillars of success.

1. Identify/Eliminate “Trigger Foods”

“Trigger” or “hot button” foods refer to the items that you just can’t say no to. For many people these foods are things like chips, cookies, candy and other heavily processed foods. Oftentimes indulging in your trigger food leads to binge eating and can open the flood gates for other unhealthy food choices. Properly identifying and then avoiding your trigger foods (especially during the program) will help your fat loss efforts in the long run and prevent you from having to deplete your willpower by constantly saying “no”. You will find that eventually, your cravings for these foods will disappear.

2. Fit & Control Supplements

The AgeLoc TR90 Fit and Control products are taken each day throughout the 12 weeks to help enhance your natural fat burning abilities. Both harness properties of natural ingredients to promote energy and meal satiety.

3. Alternating Weekly Meal Plan

The best way to lose fat quickly is to consistently switch up your eating patterns. This prevents leptin levels from becoming depleted and keeps your metabolism running high. Each week will alternate slightly with how many days you are eating below maintenance calories versus at maintenance calories. When you sign up for the program, we’ll lay out your individualized plan for you so it’s easy to stay on track each week.

4.  Intermittent Fasting

It is easier to limit your caloric intake without much effort when you regulate the times that you’re eating. Intermittent fasting refers to having a window of time each day where you don’t eat at all, usually this is done over night in the form of a 12-16 hour fast. So, if you stop eating at 8 pm each night, don’t eat again until at least 8 am the next morning. Extending your over night fast is an easy way to reduce the total number of calories you consume during times that you need them the least anyway. The fasting window is flexible based on your schedule and individual needs. When you sign up for the program, we’ll help you determine what schedule will work best for you.

    What can I expect from this program?

fat loss
reduced cravings
increased energy
a boost in mood
a leaner, younger looking body
support in reaching your goals

Program Incentives

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