Minterellison Legal Operations Graduate

We believe that graduate programs should allow you to explore your interests. Your success is our success. That`s why we celebrate and invest in our employees. We are committed to helping our employees do their best. And our development programs and initiatives are second to none. We are constantly working to open more doors for you. We recently restructured our organization to further facilitate collaboration across all our offices and access an international network of brilliant legal thinkers. Our structure also offers new career paths, allowing you to work seamlessly across multiple practice areas. If you participate in this program, you will mention changes and disruptions. We will empower you to change the future of legal practice, challenge the status quo, bring together the knowledge of your law degree with your alternative degree to revolutionize the profession.

Our Action Plan for Reconciliation reflects our people`s commitment to creating an environment where greater Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander economic participation can become a reality. We are passionate about closing the gap for Indigenous Australians and are proud to work with our colleagues in the legal profession to fully support the Uluru Declaration. MinterEllison helps young lawyers apply their skills and interests in areas of the firm other than traditional law. The firm launches Australia`s first graduate program in alternative legal operations in July 2019 – Revolution. Read on to learn more about the program from their perspective. Our Legal Operations group is primarily focused on implementing MinterEllison`s digital transformation strategy within the firm. The strategy is based on four main pillars: improvements and innovations that optimize our operations, engage our customers, transform our products and services, and empower our employees. Our Legal Operations group is an award-winning team that has achieved: savings for our lawyers of more than 30,000 hours of work per year; MinterEllison named one of the 10 Most Innovative Law Firms of 2019; and the development of digital tools that won awards at the Financial Times Innovation in the Business of Law Technology Awards. What is revolution? Revolution is MinterEllison Legal Operations` graduate program, which began in September 2019, initially in our Melbourne office.

When setting up the program, we were looking for graduates who had completed a double degree in law and another discipline that had a passion for law but did not want to practice. Traditionally, graduates pursuing careers in the legal field have been limited to a traditional graduate program focused on training for practice. We recognize that there are increasingly diverse legal careers spanning a variety of specializations, and legal technology is important. During the 12-month graduate program, each graduate will go through 4 quarterly rotations that provide development opportunities in legal project management, legal technology consulting, and other areas of legal operations. Legal Operations graduates work under the guidance of our expanded Legal Operations team and spend time in our Centre of Excellence, where they hone their skills in legal project management, process analysis, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. You will also work directly with our legal teams to deliver innovative and effective results to MinterEllison`s clients. Aligned with our broader graduate curriculum, they benefit from the extensive curriculum that our law graduates experience, in addition to subject-specific training and development. What was the reaction? We have received fantastic interest in the program and believe it demonstrates the diversity of interests that law graduates have today, and we are very pleased to have a program that can lead the way in such a critical area for our firm. Of course, our law graduates are also able to support our legal operations teams from their rotating seats, but this offers a special career path for those with a deep passion in the field. We`ve seen the impact of the program since our first cohort joined us in September, as Gary Adler, Chief Digital Officer, explains, “With all businesses now significantly impacted by digital disruption, we knew we needed to take a bold approach to truly drive change and transformation in a historically traditional industry.