Morgan Stanley Chief Legal Officer Eric Grossman

Bradford Kaufman, co-chair of Greenberg Traurig and a partner in West Palm Beach, Florida, is the firm`s relationship partner with Morgan Stanley. Greenberg Traurig`s general counsel, Martin Kaminsky, is part of an eight-member group of the New York State Bar Association that has recommended law firms reopen their offices. It should be easier to progress when you have 60,000 people in your organization, but it`s just as true that the law of numbers makes it difficult to move the needle. So I focused on what we can do in my own department, legal and compliance. But as we know, the work does not end with a few key parameters. Proper care and nutrition of these key settings is essential to their development and ultimate success. The distinction between mentoring and sponsorship is crucial; A mentor is someone you can talk to about problems or long-term career goals. A sponsor is someone who recognizes your high potential and can stand up for you. I expect members of my leadership team to act as both mentors and sponsors, just as I have done for women and various employees who were later promoted to CEO and have taken on leadership roles in legal and compliance, as well as in the companies we support. I require my managers to participate in promoting those on the diverse sponsorship list, and I will encourage those who deliver. It turns out that some customers want the old normal.

And it could complicate efforts to strike a balance between competition for business and competition for talent in a burgeoning legal market. Poor Eric Grossman. It must be terribly difficult for a humble lawyer to suddenly be catapulted to world fame. One minute he was simply Morgan Stanley`s general counsel, and then overnight he anointed the dinosaur of Wall Street. Nell O`Donnell, General Counsel at Brocade, is responsible for the firm`s global legal work. She spoke to GC about Brocade`s diversity initiatives. General Electric`s Denniston Scholarship is an innovative and practical initiative to change the face of the legal profession. GC spoke with Tom LaFrance, general counsel at GE Transportation, who developed the idea, and Marina Merjan, the first Denniston Fellow. Grossman, a former partner at Davis Polk in New York, joined Morgan Stanley in 2006 as Global Head of Litigation. The New York-based firm promoted him to general counsel in 2012, replacing Francis Barron, who only held the position 18 months after succeeding Gary Lynch in 2010.

Diversity and inclusion are core values for Bank of Montreal, both as a business necessity and as an enterprise value. GC sat down with Caroline Tsai, and Chicago-based Assistant General Counsel Caroline Tsai, to learn more about the bank`s commitment to diversity and how in-house legal departments are taking the lead. Eric Grossman, General Counsel at Morgan Stanley, talks to GC about the effectiveness of sponsorship and the role it plays in ensuring that different candidates have ways to advance in the legal department. Eric is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Advocates for Children of New York. He is a member of the Dean`s Planning Council of Fordham Law School and a member of the Board of Directors of the Fordham Law Alumni Association. He is also vice president of the Serve America movement. Eric Grossman, Morgan Stanley`s longtime chief counsel, caused consternation in the industry late last week with a “warning” to the bank`s external law firms about their policies allowing remote work and “the lack of urgency to bring lawyers back to the office.” Eric Grossman, Morgan Stanley`s chief legal officer, on Thursday sent a memo to law firms and legal services firms encouraging them to improve customer service by allowing lawyers and staff to return to the office, according to a company representative. Grossman`s memo suggested that those who continue to operate remotely risk their relationship with the financial services giant. Following GC`s recent launch of the “Bring your fully self to work” initiative, which aims to promote inclusion in the legal team globally, GC spoke with Rhanda Moussa and Jane Son, in-house lawyers who are co-chairs of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee for Law in the Americas, and Mark Chamberlain, Head of Diversity in the Americas at Barclays. Find out how this new initiative fits into the bank`s broader agenda of inclusion activities. Jill Louis, managing partner of Perkins Coie`s Dallas office, also confirms that flexible remote work arrangements will continue after the offices officially reopen in October. She suggests that it is up to the legal profession to adapt to the new environment.

She says, “The shift to remote work is clearly an evolution in workplace management,” adding that “the professional services environment in particular needs to think more deeply about what remote management means.” Eric Fredric Grossman is Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer of the Company. Mr. Grossman was Global Head of Legal Services (September 2010 to January 2012). Global Litigation Officer (January 2006 to September 2010) and General Counsel of the Americas (May 2009 to September 2010). General Counsel of Wealth Management (November 2008 to September 2010). Partner at Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP (June 2001 to December 2005). Jeffrey Lowe, global head of legal practice at law firm Major, Lindsey & Africa, told in a separate article that law firms are caught between the desires of clients like Morgan Stanley and those of their own lawyers.