N’ViVe Cau Q Shampoo


Prevents hair loss & reduces dry and itchy scalps

The N’ViVe CauQ Shampoo and Body Wash is the most effective product on the market for its function. Areca palm extract formula focuses on strengthening hair, treating dry scalps that result in dandruff, controlling oil production, and also calms itching. N’ViVe CauQ is guaranteed to reduce recessive hair loss for both men and women.


Elegant and Effective…Increases Hair Growth
This new and wonderful shampoo is made primarily of NATURAL Areca Palm Oil Extract. The tannin of the nut produces Gallic Acid and becomes Areca. Most users say this is the best shampoo on the market.
• Strengthens the hair follicle and stops hair loss, even your family and friends will ask about it
• Increases the very volume of the hair beginning the first wash…..the hair becomes thicker
• Highly concentrated shampoo with conditioner so you will use less on each application, saving money
• Has a highly functioning anti-fungal activity and can also be used as a combination body wash
N’ViVe shampoo is so well received on the market that you will continue to get reorders, increasing your bottom line.

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