N’ViVe Song Ngu Essential Oil


Reduces pain and discomfort

N’ViVe Song Ngu Essential Oil provides an effective, natural pain relief that may even increase the rate of healing. This therapeutic oil and stress-reliever unleashes a pleasant aroma, which calms the mind while it soothes the body.


A Natural Soothing Pain Relieving Oil
Natural oils for pain have been around for years but this new formula is of the latest Chemical Technology as an analgesic. See the list of ingredients included in this N’ViVe Essential Oil:
• For numbing effect, natural analgesic action and pleasant aroma…Menthol Crystals
• Topical vasodilatation…Eucalyptus oil
• For help in reducing pain…Peppermint oil
• Reduction of inflammation…Topical Salicylates
This N’ViVe Essential Oil is used on the skin and around the joints for relief of discomfort, even on the forehead for headache relief. A very helpful ointment and is MADE IN THE USA..

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