NSE is a manufacturer based in Westminster. California and has been in this business for over 25 years. NSE Dip•Powder is a specially formulated, natural mineral powder that is finely milled to provide pry and fast application.


This rich and luxurious tomato won’t damage yotw natural nails. is non-yellowing on natural colors. and soaks off easily with acetone. The NSE Dip-Powder formula is also chip and lilt resistant while providing superior adhesion, leaving the color on your nails for up to three weeks,
.•.This Professional Trial Kit gives you the opportunity for you to try out our top NSE products for the low price of $100

This Kit includes: NSE Nail Srsiem
1 – #2 Resin Basecoat (15 ml Brush Bottle)

1- #3 Resin Activator (15 ml Brush Bottle)

1- #4 Resin Topcoat (15 ml Brush Bottle)

1 – #8b UV Gel Base (15 nil Brush Bottle)

1- #8t Uv Gel Tap 15 ml Brush Borne)

5 NSE Dip-Powder Colors of Your Choice

SP #2 Pastel Yellow (2 oz Jar)      DS #1 Glitter Red (2 oz.)

CO #3 Tiffany Blue (2 oz.)             DS #2 Glitter Blue (2 oz Jar)

SM #7 Hot Pink (2 oz Jar)            Ds #3 Glitter Green oz Jar)

SF #9 Mardi Gras (2 oz tar)             DS #4 Glitter Purple (2 oz .)

CO #24 Neon Orange (2 oz Jar)         DS #4 Glitter Fuchsia (2 oz Jar,

Free NSE Products,

1 NSE 09 Concentrated Cuticle Softener (4 oz Borne)

1 NSE 116 Vitamin K Cuticle Oil Nail Care (2 oz Bottle)

1 NSE Box of Rhinestones OR Box of Decals
We include Free Shipping as well,

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