“I came to Le Nu Spa after five years of trying different products to get rid of my facial acne. I had already run the gamut of over-the-counter medications and had spent two years on prescription antibiotics, all without lasting success. At the Spa I finally found treatments and products that work for my skin. I had a regimen tailor-made to suit my particular skin-type, and not only did my face clear up, but the results gave me a boost in self-confidence as well. I would recommend Le Nu Spa to anyone with acne troubles who wants an all-natural way of clearing his/her skin.”

“I came to Le Nu Spa hoping to find a way to deal with my sagging, wrinkled, dry facial skin. I was met by friendly, knowledgeable professionals who analyzed my skin and came up with a regimen of lotions, serums, and the facials. With these products and treatment I was able to even out many of the wrinkles and add moisture and vitality to my skin. It not only helped my face but also gave me a real boost to my self esteem. During my visits to the spa, the spa professionals were always very kind and positive about the potential for success. The products work, and I would recommend Le Nu Spa to anyone who wants a natural, non-medicated, and non-invasive way to improve his/her skin.”

“Le Nu Spa is a place of miracles! Before trying their techniques suffered from severe cystic acne. I tried everything under the sun and even shelled out thousands of dollars for laser treatments. Nothing seemed to work. After Le Nu Spa, I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. I couldn’t believe the results. I would highly recommend this place. Love it!”
-Jen Ha

“After spending thousands of dollars with dermatologists at DUKE and UNC as well as going to top skin and acne centers in the triangle, Colette at Lenuspa was the person to finally help me. Anyone who has suffered from severe acne knows that finding 1 person who gets the problem, takes the time to listen to you about your needs, and actually offers something to improve or eliminate your acne can be life changing. Colette was this person for me. After trying everything out there, my skin has healed after just 2 months with Colette. She is now helping me with reducing the scarring left behind and she has drastically helped with this as well. LenuSpa is worth going to because they have products and treatments that are unique to our area, but LenuSpa is a must go to because of the people behind it.”
-Lee Lindsay, M.S.W.

“I have been to salons all over the world and Le Nu is one the best. The most striking thing for me is the beautiful and relaxing decor and attention to detail.”

“This was the answer to my problematic skin! It’s a natural and more affordable way to treat my acne than going to multiple doctors and trying every antibiotic/cream on the market just to be told acutane was my only option. Within a short period of time, the texture of my skin has completely changed and looks much healthier! I would recommend this to anyone who has had a hard time with specialists and dermatologists like me!”


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Best Spas in Cary
Best Spas in Cary
Best Spas in Cary
Best Spas in Cary
Best Spas in Cary
Best Spas in Cary

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