endospheres therapy

What is endospheres therapy? Here are the reasons to get it done!

Modern-day problems require modern-day solutions. Similarly, the endospheres are a therapy or cosmetic treatment. So that service skin-related diseases like skin laxity, edemas, venous stasis, etc. Primarily endospheres therapy is conducted to reduce weight and treat cellulitis. In addition, the treatment is hyperactive in curing muscle rehabilitation as it reduces the muscular physical load. 

How does endospheres therapy work

The body contacts silicone microspheres and the tool is obligatory to get endosphere therapy done. Microspheres are rotating and vibrating handpieces and this instrumental-infused massage brings excellent help as it creates fluctuation pressure. The pressure created on tissues actuates the blood flow and lymph and destroys the fat deposits.

Here are the significant areas of endospheres treatment mentioned below: 

  • Legs
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Abdomen 
  • Back 
  • Lower body 

As per professional research conducted by dermatologists, no such treatment acts well on everyone. However, there are many good results seen after getting endospheres therapy. 

When should you consider getting the endosphere treatment

Before getting started, keep in mind that the treatment is entirely non-invasive. Therefore, there is no such limit that you can get the treatment once in a while, or it might harm you if done regularly. An ordinary endospheres session is 60 to 90 minutes depending on the target area. For instance, if the target area is the abdomen, the session will be completed quickly, whereas arms would not take much of your time. Usually, interested people go for two sessions a week; this twice-weekly treatment lasts for around 2-3 months. 

Always remember that the treatment does not include any drug inflammations. Hence you can call for regular endospheres therapy sessions to achieve the results you were looking for. 

You must be looking for the benefits of the treatment! Here are the tested outcomes of getting treated with the endospheres therapy treatment: 

  • The treatment is highly considered when you struggle with being overweight or having cellulite formation. It can heal within the fibrotic stages. 
  • Models and appearance professionals get the treatment done to halt fat deposits saturated in the body. 
  • Females usually receive elastic skin and marks due to pregnancy. In the endosphere treatment, the slack and stretched skin caused by fast fat loss can be healed. 
  • For muscle relaxation caused due to excessive amount of workout.   

What are the reasons to try endospheres therapy at Le Nu Spa?

These are the foremost reasons that make it more obvious to opt for this treatment: 

1. Non-invasive medication

As mentioned earlier, the endospheres treatment is entirely non-invasive as there are no chances of getting harmed. It also means that the therapy is an excellent solution for non-surgical treatment. Also, who would not like getting a painless treatment with perfect results? 

2. Well-verified results

The Endospheres treatment documented effects on cellulite and shape speak for themselves. Results become apparent just after a single session is conducted. Following a course of therapy, 

  • Usually, the client satisfaction rate for treating cellulite reaches up to 97.8%. 
  • After receiving treatment, typically, there is a 2.5% decrease in thigh circumference. 
  • After a series of procedures, you can seize loss in dress size up to 2 inches.  

3. Personalized Treatment 

When searching for endospheres therapy near me, you can trust getting assistance at Le Nu Spa. We offer customers pre-conditioned and customized treatments that bring up the best results. 

4. Can choose duration

With Le Nu Spa, you can choose the time that works best for you. Our Endospheres therapists can advise you on how many sessions you need and how frequently. 

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